MDB Family Support

Customer will be given BDT 800.00 (before Tax) per month for BDT 1,00,000.00.

Title Details
Tenure Minimum 02 years (Renewable)
Amount to be deposited BDT 1,00,000.00 and its multiples.
Benefit Depositor will get BDT 800.00 (before TAX) each month proportion to his/her deposit during the entire.
Age Any citizen of Bangladesh aged 18-65 years can open this account. Minors will be allowed to open account subject to completion of due formalities.
Taxes, Duty, Surcharges 10% AIT will be deducted from each month's benefit subject to production of TIN Certificate; otherwise 15% will be deducted from each month's benefit
Loan facility Loan may be granted up to maximum 90% of the surrender value.
Premature Encashment In case of premature encashment interest will be paid as per Savings Bank A/c interest rate.
Highest Amount BDT 50.00 Lac