MDB Saalam Current Account - Corporate

Any institution can open Midland Bank Saalam Current account - Corporate.

Title Details
  • All Private and Public Limited Companies registered under RJSC
  • All Government/Semi-Government Organizations
  • NGOs
  • Company Provident Fund Account, Company Gratuity Fund Account
  • Association/Club/Charity account
  • Sole proprietorship and Partnership
  • Workers Prettifications Fund (WPF)
  • Non Individual Customer Segment etc
  • All MDB branches/Uposhakha or Sub Branch.
Minimum initial deposit amount
  • Tk 1,000/
Profit Calculation
  • No profit is applied in this account.
Key Benefits
  • This is a transactional current account
  • The accounts will be in local currency (BDT)
  • Minimum initial deposit of BDT 1,000.00 is required to open the account
  • No limit in number and value of transactions
  • Free Debit Card facility (1st year only)
  • Free Cheque book (1st year only)
  • Free Internet Banking facility
  • Free SMS Banking facility (1st year only)
  • Daily ATM transaction amount of up to BDT 50,000 and POS transaction amount of up to BDT 50,000. However, it can be increased at the request of the customer; and it is applicable for Individual, Joint (with NOC of others) & proprietor concern
Mode of Shariah
  • Al-Wadeeah Principal
Cheque Book
  • Branch will issue cheque book against the account.
Account Maintenance Fee
  • As per schedule of charges of MDB
Account Closure Fee
  • As per schedule of charges of MDB
Tax, Excise Duty & VAT
  • Will be deducted as per NBR rules
Required document
  • MDB Comprehensive Account Opening Documentary Checklist and Bangladesh Bank guidelines.
Introducer's Eligibility
  • Any existing MDB Bank account holder or
  • Any MDB officials (including Direct Sales Officer)
  • Socially known person acceptable to the Bank