MDB College Saver is a daily interest bearing and monthly interest paying savings account for college/University students.

Title Details
  • Any Bangladeshi college/university student with photo ID document as applicable for savings account
  • Age 18 years and above
  • All MDB branches
Initial deposit amount
  • Tk 500/
Interest Calculation
  • Interest will be calculated on daily balance of the account. If average balance of the accounts falls below Tk. 2000/-, client will lose the interest for the day.
Interest Accrual & Payment
  • Interest will be accrued on monthly basis and paid monthly basis.
Key Benefits
  • Interest calculated on daily balance
  • Interest is credited to account on monthly basis
  • No debit card Fee
  • Waiver of account maintenance fee
  • Free internet Banking.
Joint Applicant Option
  • Applicant can open account either in the single name or in the joint names. Both applicants must be college/university students, age 18 years and above.
Debit Card
  • Debit card is mandatory
Cheque Book
  • No cheque book will be issued against the account
Account Maintenance Fee
  • Waiver of account maintenance fee
Account Closure Fee
  • NIL
Maximum allowed debit transaction per month
  • Maximum 10 (ten) debit transaction are allowed in a month to qualify interest for the month
Tax, Excise Duty & VAT
  • Will be deducted as per NBR rules
Required document
  • Bank's prescribed AOF (signed by the applicant)
  • ID card of the college/university
  • Three PP size photographs of applicant(s) attested by bank official/any person acceptable to MDB
  • Copy of valid photo ID like; Passport, NID, Driving License etc.
  • One PP size photograph of nominee attested by account holder
Introducer's Eligibility
  • Any existing MDB Bank account holder or
  • Any MDB officials (including Direct Sales Officer)