Card Products

MDB card can be used for all your requirements, be it shopping, dining out, holidaying, and fueling up your vehicle, railway ticket reservations – just about any financial requirement, planned or on desire.

Sometimes you need a little flexibility in order to make the most of life. A MDB credit card could give you the breathing space you need.

  • 45-days maximum interest FREE period
  • Enjoy attractive discount at selected outlets in the town time to time
  • Experience the pleasure of dining out and shopping with your VISA credit card.

Experience the convenience of cashless shopping with enhanced security with MDB Debit cards.

  • Shop and book your travel tickets online
  • Withdraw cash all around the country

Enter the world of smart payment solutions that offer convenience and secure ways to spend anytime and anywhere.

  • Accepted at local and abroad
  • Shop at millions of Visa merchant worldwide
  • Eliminates the risk of carrying large amounts of cash.