MDB Jhotpot

Life is easy with “midland online”. No more waiting in line or filling-in forms at the bank, just grab your phone, download “midland online” app or visit our website to open Midland e-Saver savings account instantly.


• Any Bangladeshi Citizen with valid NID (National ID Card)

Easy steps to follow

    • Download & install ‘midland online’ (mobile app) from Google Play Store/App store or visit Midland Bank website
    • Select a deposit product from the list:
    • MDB e-Saver (conventional savings account)
    • MDB Saalam e-Saver (Islami Mudaraba account)
    • Give a declaration if you have an existing account with us or not.
    • Choose probable monthly transaction amount:
      • BDT 1,00,000.00 or less
      • More than BDT 1,00,000.00
    • Enroll your mobile number and email address using OTP (One-time password) sent to your mobile phone. This number and email will be used for regular communication and MDB internet banking “midland online” activation.
    • Take Photo of your NID card (both front and back side) & upload.
    • Once verified, take a selfie & upload to match your photo.
    • Need to put some additional information i.e. father’s name, mother’s name, contact address, source of income and occupation.
    • Upload 12-digit E-TIN (if any).
    • Provide FATCA related information.
    • Provide nominee information and upload nominee photo.
    • Upload nominee NID card/Passport/Birth Certificate (Chairman’s certificate. – need to verify)
    • Upload source of fund document (e.g. salary certificate for salaried person and trade license for business person) if you selected your probable monthly transaction limit is ‘More than BDT 1,00,000.00′.
    • Upload specimen signature (Similar Signature of the NID is preferable primarily).
    • Upon uploading all the necessary information, the process will be completed.
    • You will receive a confirmation SMS and email with account number.

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