MDB Saalam SME Bai Muajjal


Economy and business atmosphere of our country is growing and changing rapidly. To cater the growing demand of Shariah compliant investment opportunity, MDB Saalam has come up with faster & affordable financing solution for Small & Medium Enterprise customers. The ‘MDB Saalam SME Bai Muajjal’ shall fulfill the demand of working capital to its existing & potential customers.

Key features on MDB Saalam SME Bai Muajjal are as follows:
Title Details
Name of product
  • MDB Saalam SME Bai Muajjal
Nature of product
  • To finance working capital requirement of Bank’s SME Clients.
Mode of investment
  • Bai- Muajjal
Target Customers
  • MSME entrepreneurs, Organizations any business organization, in need of shariah compliant working facility financing for valid business reason.
  • Any amount as per sanction letter.
Profit rate
  • Profit rate should be as per sanction letter of the client.
  • Depending on cash cycle of the client, the tenor of this facility may vary from 30 days to 360 days.