Green Banking

Green Banking is a component of the global initiative by a group of stakeholders to save the environment. Global warming is an issue that needs to be addressed and due to this phenomenon, the state of the environment in Bangladesh is deteriorating. Because of a Bank’s position in the economic system, implementing Green Finance as part of Green Banking can make significant contributions to the transition to resource efficient and low carbon industries. In response to our environmental degradation, MDB shall play an important role by establishing Green Banking and be a front runner as an environmentally responsible bank.

As per guidelines of Bangladesh Bank, in the first phase, MDB will develop Green Banking policies, incorporate Environmental Risks in CRM, initiate in-house Environment Management, introduce Green Finance and Green Marketing, create Climate Risk Fund, utilize online banking, establish consumer awareness, train employees, hold ‘Green Events’ and disclose & report Green Banking activities. In the second phase, it will formulate sector specific environmental policies, develop Green Strategic Planning, set up Green Branches, improve on in-house Environment Management, formulate bank specific ERM, introduce programs to educate clients and publish Green Banking reports. In the third phase, MDB will design and introduce innovative products, publish externally audited Green Banking reports, report to Bangladesh Bank on a quarterly basis and publish annual reports on the bank’s website.

Updates on MDBs progress on Green Banking will be posted on this website periodically.