MDB Amar Bari

MDB Amar Bari is a specially designed Home Loan product targeting mainly the semi-urban and rural customers for Home Construction / Home Renovation, Extension & Completion, Home Loan Take Over for own or rental purpose (for residential use only).

Title Details
Product Range
  • Home Construction Finance Facilitate construction of tin-roof / tally-roof and brick walled residential house (semi-pacca) and pacca building
  • Home Renovation / Extension / Completion Finance Facilitate renovation / extension / completion of existing tin-roof / tally roof and brick walled residential house (semi-pacca) and pacca building owned by the applicant(s).
  • Home Loan Take Over & Renovation / Construction Finance To purchase customer’s liability against the property to be financed from other Bank / Financial Institution (FI) and additional amount for renovation of the house or apartment.
Loan Period
  • Minimum Tenor 3 years (36 months)
  • Maximum Tenor 10 years (120 months)
Loan Amount
  • Minimum Loan Amount BDT 500,000/- (Five Lac Taka) Only
  • Maximum Loan Amount BDT 5,000,000/- (Fifty Lac Taka) Only
Product Feature
  • Customer will get 50% discount from general processing fee if he/she installs solar panel / Bio Gas plant for electricity generation at the proposed property
  • No Early settlement fee
  • No Partial settlement fee
Moratorium Period
  • Maximum 06 (six) months from the date of disbursement in case of single-phase disbursement drawdown or from the date of first partial disbursement in case of multi-phase disbursement.
Location of the property to be financed
  • All locations where Midland Bank Ltd. (MDB) has its presence.