MDB Amar Bari

MDB Amar Bari is a specially designed Home Loan product targeting mainly the semi-urban and rural customers for Home Construction / Home Renovation, Extension & Completion, Home Loan Take Over for own or rental purpose (for residential use only).

Title Details
Feature & Purpose
  • Facilitate to construction, renovation/extension completion of existing tin-roof/tally-roof/ concrete roof with brick wall/ brick walled residential house (semi-pacca) owned by the applicant(s).
  • Loan Amount ranges from BDT 500,000 to BDT 50,000,00
  • Repayment tenure of 3 years to 10 years
  • Competitive interest rate
  • No Processing fee for Take over home loans from other Banks/ Financial Institutions
  • Early full settlement and partial settlement allowed
  • No hidden charges
  • Quick loan processing
Eligibility Experience:
  • Salaried Executives (Govt): Must be confirmed employee.
  • Salaried Executives (others): Minimum 2 years’ experience.
  • Businessman: Minimum 2 years’ business experience.
  • Self Employed (Professional): Minimum 2 years’ professional experience.
  • Landlord/Landlady: No experience.

Minimum: 21 years

  • Salaried: 65 years or retirement date as mentioned in Letter of Introduction (LOI) whichever is earlier at the end of loan tenure.
  • Self-Employed Professional, Businessman, Landlord: 70 years at the end of loan tenure.
Minimum Gross Monthly Income: BDT 30,000 per month
Joint Application: Joint application allowed
  • Maximum 10 (Ten) years
  • No processing fee for loan takeover from other Bank & NBFI
Taxes, Duty, Surcharges As per NBR circular
Highest Amount
  • Bank will finance maximum 70% of property value or BDT 50 lac whichever is lower as per Bangladesh Bank Guidelines (70:30 debt equity ratio)
Moratorium Period
  • In case of financing for construction purpose we may allow moratorium Period for 06 months (maximum) for home loan financing.
Proposed income included for construction purpose
  • In case of financing for construction purpose, we may consider projected income from the proposed mortgaged property.