Financial Literacy Program

Financial literacy is the education and understanding of how money is made, spent, and saved, as well as the skills and ability to use financial resources to make decisions. These decisions include how to generate, invest, spend, and save money. Financial literacy is essential in order to promote financial inclusion, especially in the context of the advancement of Digital Financial Services (DFS).

Financial Literacy Day 2023 has been celebrated by Midland Bank Limited. Md. Ahsan-uz Zaman, Managing Director and CEO of the Bank, inaugurated the Financial Literacy Day programme at the bank’s head office on Monday, March 6, 2023.

In the discussion meeting organized on this occasion, various issues including increasing social awareness, protecting customer deposits, providing loans and settling customer complaints, were discussed with the aim of sending expatriate income through legal channels.

Mohd. Javed Tarek Khan, Head of Institutional Banking and Member of the Financial Literacy Wing; Md. Rashed Akter, Head of Retail Distribution & Head of the Financial Literacy Wing; and Imran Al Habib, Head of Agent Banking and Member Secretary of the Financial Literacy Wing of Midland Bank were also present in the programme along with other officials.

Also, as part of the celebration of Financial Literacy Day 2023, various branches, Sub-branches and Agent Banking Centres organized discussion meetings at schools, colleges, madrasas, universities and marginal communities regarding financial awareness and bringing foreign remittances through the banking channel.

Conducted by Head of Retail Distribution Division Mr. Md Rashed Akhter.

MDB Chandragonj Branch, Feni organized financial literacy program among the territory. Head of Retail Distribution Division Mr. Md Rashed Akhter, Head of Agent Banking Division Mr. Imran Al Habib Xulius, Head of Retail sales Md Ashraful Islam, Head of Cluster & Head of Shashongacha Branch Md. Tahidul Amin Mojumder, Head of Dalal Bazar Branch Asaduzzaman khan were attended the program. Head of Retail Distribution Mr. Md Rashed Akhter puts valuable speech & shares his knowledge regarding MDB digital products & services.

গ্রাহক সমাবেশ

Organized by Doshmile Branch, Dinajpur & Chadragonj Branch, Feni.

Our colleagues from Doshmile Branch, Dinajpur & Chadragonj Branch, Feni, attended and conducted brief financial literacy sessions for the participants. We discussed the features of MDB products and services and the risks and problems with informal channels like Hundi for remittance beneficiaries.

Workshop On Financial Literacy & Digital Innovation In Banking Sector

MDB CDA Avenue and Agrabad Branch organized a workshop on financial literacy and digital innovation in the banking sector at GAM Chartered University College in Chattogram on 07.06.2023. During these workshops, the benefits of using banking channels for remittance and the advantages of MDB digital products and services are discussed, along with building awareness against informal channels of remittance.

UTHAN BOITHOK (উঠান বৈঠক) & Account open

Organized by MDB Agent Banking on 13.06.2023

MDB Agent Banking Fighters conducted Uthan Boithok at Niamatpur, Naogaon in order to achieve social and economic prosperity for the Garo community. These customer engagement sessions, focusing chiefly on females who are living in remote areas of the country, invite existing and prospective migrants and their beneficiaries.

Foreign Remittance Workshop

Agent Field Officers (Agent staff) of 30 Agent Banking Centers & Remittance Beneficiaries in the Bogra & Mokamtola regions participated in the workshop on 10.06.2023 where the following topics were discussed:

  • Remittance business development initiatives.
  • Knowledge sharing from top five (5) remittance disbursement Agent Banking Centers to increase remittance transactions.
  • The challenges of low remittance performing AB Centers and what initiatives can be taken to improve them.
  • Gifts for remittance beneficiaries to motivate them to come to MDB
  • Increase the number of remittance exchange houses for the agent banking channel.
  • Increase agent commission against remittance transactions.
  • Marketing for agent banking Centers business growth.

SME Activities

MDB SME Department conducted fair at Southeast University, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology and Independent University Campus on 04.06.2023, 21.06.2023 and 23.08.2023 respectively to explain the CMSME Financing Facility for Start-Up Businesses and how the Bank can assist with start-up business ventures among university students and faculty members.

Financial Literacy Awarness Programme & Sales Campaign at Bangladesh University of Business & Technology and Presidency University Campus

MDB Retail Sales Department conducted a Financial Literacy Program and Sales Campaign, at Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT) on 11.07.2023 and Presidency University campus on 25.07.2023. Through this campaign, MDB raises awareness of banking products and services among university students and faculty members while simultaneously promoting a variety of MDB products and services including savings account, student account, FDR, scheme deposit, personal loan, auto loan, home loan, e-saver, digital FDR, digital loan, prepaid cards, credit cards, midland online (internet banking), bank to bank transfer, fund transfer to and from MFS, utility bill payments, Mobile top-up etc.

Financial Literacy Sessions


গ্রাহক সমাবেশ & Workshop on Financial Literacy & Digital Innovation in Banking Sector


Financial Literacy Awareness Programme & Sales Campaign


UTHAN BOITHOK (উঠান বৈঠক) & Foreign Remittance Workshop


SME Activities


Mymensingh Sub-Branch at Bagnabarir Char, Gouripur, Mymensingh on 20 December, 2023


Agent Banking at Shingherchar, Rupsha, Khulna on 21 December, 2023 & Dakhin Khanpur, Sadar, Bagherhat on 15 August, 2023


Chandraganj Branch, Lakshmipur Sadar at Ibrahim Mia Girls High School on 20 September, 2023 & Protapganj High School on 27 September, 2023 Chandraganj, Lakshmipur Sadar


Maligram Branch at Baliyahati Bazar, Bhanga, Faridpur on 19 September, 2023 & Shekhpura Bazar, Bhanga, Faridpur on 20 December, 2023


Sylhet Branch at Tea Garden, Airport, Sylhet Sadar on 07 December, 2023


Dhanmondi Branch at Junior Labortary High School, Dhanmondi, Dhaka on 26 September, 2023 & Rangpur Branch conducted at Makura, Deuty , Pirgacha, Rangpur 17 October, 2023