Self-Registration Process for New Customer

(Prepaid and Credit Card customers only)

Midland Bank has introduced self-registration process for the customer who has only Prepaid and/or Credit Card but no saving account. Earlier our customers were able to register in midland online only with account numbers. Now, all of our Prepaid and Credit Cardholders shall be able to register in midland online by his/her own. To register in midland online, customer needs to follow steps, as follows:

Step 1: Start Registration

To register in midland online using Prepaid/Credit Card customer should download "midland online" app from Google Play Store or Apple Store

Once downloaded customer should find this screen upon opening of the app:


Upon clicking on “New to midland online” this screen should be appeared to start registration with prepaid/credit card.


Step 2: Verify Card Information and Mobile Number

Once clicking on the “Start” of self-registration, as shown above, customer should follow this steps to go ahead toward registration process.

Customer needs to input some relevant information like Customer ID, last 4 digits of Card Number, Expiry Date (input must be in mm-YY format) of Card, email id lying with the Card for our verification, as shown in below screen:

Please click on verify button after giving information.

* If any customer do not know his/her Customer Id, Please contact our 24/7 Contact Centre for the required Customer Id


Customer should find a OTP in his/her registered mobile no. once the given information has been successfully validated, as follows:

Please input the OTP and click on verify button. If you did not receive OTP, please click Re-send to generated OTP again.

* Customer should receive an error notification on the screen, if given information can not be validated.


Step 3: Set Password

Customer will be asked to set his/her password once his/her Card information and mobile number has been verified successfully. Customer should follow Password complexity to prepare his/her password that should be used to logging in midland online after completion of the registration. Please go through the password complexity before setting up your password

  1. Password must be within 8 and 20 characters.
  2. It must contain at least 1 lowercase letter( a – z )
  3. 1 capital letter ( A – Z )
  4. 1 symbolic character (! @ # $ % * : ; | ~ )
  5. 1 numeric character ( 0 – 9 )
  6. It must not contain customer login id/email address.

Please input your desired password and submit to set your password

* Customer request should be executed successfully once password complexity has been maintained, otherwise he/she should be requested to follow password complexity.


If password has been submitted successfully this message will be appeared, and a confirmation/activation link/URL will be sent to customer email for activation and complete the registration.


Step 4: Complete Registration

Customer should visit his/her email to complete his/her registration.

Customer should click on “Click Here” of the email to activate his request.

* Customer request should be executed successfully once password complexity has been maintained, otherwise he/she should be requested to follow password complexity.


Once click on “Click Here” this screen should be appeared.

Customer should provide password again which has been setup earlier and also should click on activate button to complete registration.


If the given password matched with earlier setup password this successful screen should be appeared:

* Once the registration has been completed, customer should enjoy features of midland online.


If a customer tried to login before email activation, he/she should be failed to logging in and should receive an error message “Invalid request”

For any inconveniences, please call our 24/7 Contact Centre.