MDB Nari Uddog

Women Entrepreneurship is one of the most potential differentiating factors for the long run economic growth rate among countries. That is why we should care deeply about how to make in happen in an efficient and inclusive manner. Entrepreneurship is just another way in which women make a living, and is susceptible to the fault-line of the gender-segregated division of work. To serve this sector MDB Nari Uddog been designed.

Title Details
Target customers Only women entrepreneurs engaged in any sort of business which falls under micro, cottage, small & medium enterprises, emerging corporates and other special organizations engaged in promoting women entrepreneurs.
Objectives It is a tailor-made loan product for women led business, which will meet up funding requirement of the prospective target customers and contribute to achieve the following objectives:
  • Explore the potentiality of the women entrepreneurs' who have the opportunity to grow and ensure access to credit
  • To address the call of state, Bangladesh Bank and women community to stand beside the Women Entrepreneurs' who starve for banking facility for their development
  • To financially empower the women society
  • It's a part of Social commitment
  • To become one of the initiating Banks to take initiative to promote the women Entrepreneurs'
  • To keep strong footage for the Economic development of the country through developing the women entrepreneurs
  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Increase bank's portfolio and make bank's profitability
  • 100% re-financing opportunity from Bangladesh Bank upto a certain amount
  • Branding of the bank
Potential sectors Business/service/manufacturing/agriJagro-based. Relevant potential sectors as mentioned in the guidelines of Bangladesh Bank SME Credit Policies and Programs may be followed for financing.
Loan category
  • MDB Nari Uddog (TL)
  • MDB Nari Uddog (RL)
Purpose of loan To foster development of women entrepreneurs with bank finance for working capital and fixed asset purchase including civil construction for factory building/warehouse/shed etc. Working capital may be extended in the form of RL and TL while fixed assets/construction of factory building/warehouse/shed shall be financed in the form of TL.
Eligibility criteria
  • Tenure Of business: Minimum 02 years. It should be profit making business concern/startup business having potentials
  • Nature of business: Any business/ service/ manufacturing/agri/ ago-based enterprises;
  • Legal form of business: Proprietorship/partnership/private limited company/organizations having valid registrations/licenses
  • Nationality: Bangladeshi by birth
  • Entrepreneurs age: 21-60 years (applicable for sole proprietorship & partnership firms and organizations)
  • Owners/entrepreneurs experience: 2 years of experience in any kind of business. For startup business the entrepreneur/s should have practical experience/training in the relevant area
  • Owners/entreprreneurs capacity: To repay loan from secondary/tertiary source in addition to primary source of income
  • Women entrepreneurship: More than 50% share owned by women entrepreneur/s (for partnership/private limited company)
Account turnover Bank account turnover will be encouraged.
Availability Loans under this product will be available across the country through MDB Nari Uddog various branches/sales outlets of MDB.
Eligibility for re-finance Applicable as per Bangladesh Bank rule or agreement with any other re-financing or pre-financing agency/s.
Loan size Up to BDT 5.00 crore including working capital and fixed asset finance. Loan size may be extended based on business viability and repayment capacity of the borrower.

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