Government Securities Investment Window

Midland Bank Limited has established the Government Securities Investment Window with an aim to facilitate various government securities, OTC (Over the Counter) and primary/ secondary transactions undertaken by any Midland Bank customer.  

Functions of “Government Securities Investment Window” under control of Treasury Division:

    • Provide information about investment in T.Bond/T.bill along with Coupon/Yield of T.Bond/T.Bill to the Prospective clients.
    • Taking necessary action about opening account of T.Bond/T.Bill to the Individual/Company investors.
    • For real time secured transaction advise to open a bank account for overall settlement like – securities buy-sale, coupon payment & face value maturity.
    • Accomplishment of Securities Buy/Sale transaction on the basis of Client requisition.
    • Coupon payment, maturity amount payment & all kind of transaction related to the Buy/Sale should be done timely against Client Bank Account.