HR Vision

We deem Human Resource is the greatest asset of an organization. We want to add difference magnitude in the market, not only in terms of the quality of rendering financial services, but also in the qualifications and attitude of our staff; therefore we persistently invest in human resources development as incompetent Human Resource may be the worst potential risk for the Bank.

We pay special attention to the recruitment and selection process, as well as providing continuous training both on and off job to our staff as we believe that the competence and commitment of our staff is crucial in providing high-quality customer service in a transparent, accountable and responsible manner.

In the selection of our staff, we are looking to find highly motivated, talented, honest and friendly people, who are willing to get involved and uphold the image of espirite-de-corps within and beyond the organization. We welcome applications from people who have Master’s /4 years Honors Degree from a course of academic study-whatever the field-and are either at the beginning of their career path or have previous work experience, even if it is unrelated to banking.

We are looking for staff who are not only interested in a particular position, but who also understand our long-term objectives. In addition, applicants should have a desire for continuous development within the institution and should demonstrate commitment to our ethical and moral approach to banking.

We place great emphasis on creating fair and respectful relationships between employees and fostering an inspiring working environment where open communication and the sharing ideas with colleagues can flourish within a flat organizational hierarchy.

Furthermore, we favor the internal promotion of our own committed and competent employees over hiring new staff from outside the institution.

Our salary structure fully reflects the Mission, Vision and Core Values. As banks specialized in working with business people and providing a safe and welcoming place to save, the salary structure is in line with our strong emphasis on high-quality services and on the responsible character of the Credit mission. It also provides a practical basis for an active and well-conceived management of staff development with salary increases based on commitment, contribution and performance rather than on routine processes or opportunistic considerations.

What we offer

  • Long-term prospects and stability in a solid international group.
  • A clear focus on training, from basic courses on financial topics to management training at our international academies.
  • Dynamic opportunities for personal and professional development based on transparent criteria, including the chance of working abroad.
  • An enjoyable and transparent working environment with flat hierarchies and a well-developed culture of communication in which your ideas and opinions are valued.

What we expect

  • Strong commitment to our ethical values and institutional objectives.
  • A genuine interest in learning, active participation and the flexibility needed to travel to training/ business/ work locations.
  • Professional performance that goes beyond merely meeting targets; we expect interpersonal skills, along with dedication and commitment to the way we view responsibility.
  • Solid ethical values, such as respect and fairness and lack of discrimination of any sort, as well as the capacity to work in terms on a daily basis.

Application Process



There’s always a little more you can do to stand out from the crowd:
Step 1: Learn everything you can about the business.
Step 2: Review your resume and be ready to talk about real-life examples that are relevant to the job you’re applying for. This includes past experiences, similar team situations and examples of innovation in your current job.
Step 3: Know in detail about the job area you are applying for.
Step 4: Show how you will bring positivity and energy to the position.
Step 5: Answer all the questions honestly.
Step 6: Ask everyone you meet with for a business card so you have their contact information.
Step 7: Send thank-you emails to everyone involved in the interview process.


Each interview is unique, but you should be ready to answer these typical interview questions:
  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What’s the greatest strength you’ll bring to MDB?
  • Give an example of when you provided great customer service.
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • Why are you interested in this job?
  • Tell us what you know about the job area you are interested in.
  • What have you done at your current position to go above and beyond?
  • Give an example of doing what’s right in the face of adversity.
  • Why should we hire you?
  • How have you made a real difference at your current company?

Apply at MDB, and we can do big things together. At any point during the application process you can check your status online. Just “login to your profile”, click on "My Jobs" and your status will be displayed next to the job that you applied for.

Step 1: APPLY
Once you’ve found a job at MDB that you’re interested in, find a quiet place to start the online application process. Be sure you have a copy of your résumé, your cover letter and any other documentation you’d like to submit. Once you’re done with the application, you’ll receive a confirmation email which will contain your “Tracking Number”. Please, have this number documented for future references as all communications from MDB will use this number as identification.

If you’re a match for the position, a MDB recruiter may contact you to talk about your work history, answer any questions you have and possibly set up an initial interview.

You may have an initial call with a MDB Human Resources professional to determine if you meet the requirements of the position.

If you’re selected for an in-person interview, it will most likely be at the job location. The interview may be one-on-one or with a group, and you might be asked to attend more than one in-person interview, depending on the position. There will be ongoing communication throughout interviewing rounds to keep you informed. The in-person interview will be more in-depth than the initial interview, so you should be prepared to give specific examples of your skills, experience and how you’ll add value to the team.

After you’ve completed the necessary in-person interviews, our hiring committee will assess all the candidates and make a decision. During this time, feel free to reach out to your point of contact with any follow-up questions.
In the event that you are pre-selected for a position, there are a number of pre-employment processes you’ll need to successfully complete in order to start work. They include various background checks, drug and alcohol screening, as well as several onboarding forms. For example, you will need to establish your identity and valid employment eligibility by providing your National ID and employment eligibility documents on or before your start date. We’ll keep you updated about all the steps you need to take throughout the pre-employment process.
At MDB, we offer a wide range of programs and services to help support both your career and your lifestyle. While specific offerings vary, your MDB benefits may include:
Employees’ Social Security - Super Annuation Fund
  • Death Benefit
  • Disability Benefit
  • Retirement Benefit
  • Medical Benefit
  • Resignation Benefit
Employee Programs
  • Resources and referral program
  • Festival Bonuses
  • Incentive Bonus
Retirement Programs
  • Provident Funds
  • Gratuity