Mr. Mohammad Asif-uz-Zaman

Mr. Mohammad Asif-uz-Zaman joined the Board of Directors of Midland Bank Limited as Independent Director with effect from November 7, 2022.The Independent Director was a veteran Civil Service Officer with experience in working at the highest level of the Government. He served in different ministries and Government Departments in his career which includes Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, ERD- Ministry of Finance, Roads and Highways Department, Bangladesh Railways, Director General in the Civil Audit Directorate and Deputy Accountant General and Chief Accounts Officer at different ministries. He served in the ERD of Ministry of Finance as Joint Secretary w.e.f. 07.01.2010 and elevated to Additional Secretary on 13.01.2014 and continued his service at ERD. He became Secretary on 30.08.2016 and finally promoted to Senior Secretary on 12.02.2019. Mr. Zaman has completed his B.Sc. (Hons) and M.Sc. from University of Dhaka. However, he subsequently completed Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting from University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, UK and Diploma in Audit Learning, IDI Oslo, Norway. Moreover, he served in the ERD of Ministry of Finance for a significant period (from 07.01.2010 to 30.08.2016) and took part and lead in finalization of numerous international financial deals on behalf of the Government of Bangladesh.