MDB Super Monthly Savings

Customer(s) will pay certain monthly installment for a definite period and after maturity he/she will be given an amount as agreed at time of account opening.

Title Details
Deposit at type Installment monthly.
Amount to be deposited as per Deposit Rate
Date for installment Any time in the month.
Maturity/Disbursement The scheme will be disbursed on the 30th of next month after the last installment.
Force Closure If a customer fails to pay three (3) consecutive installment.
Taxes, Duty, Surcharges All taxes/duty/levy and /or any other surcharges presently in force or that may be imposed by the Government of Bangladesh from time to time will be deducted/ recovered from the deposit account under this scheme.
Premature Encashment In case of premature encashment, savings Interest will be given if minimum 12 instalment is deposited & last instalment must stay for 1 month