Mr. Kazi Raihan

Mr. Kazi Raihan Zafar is a Sponsor Director of Midland Bank Ltd. He completed B.F.A. Degree from Parsons School of Design, New York, USA. Since returning to Bangladesh, Mr. Zafar is engaged in his family owned Textile business i.e. Hong Kong Shanghai Manjala Textiles Limited (HSMTL) as one of the active Directors. He is also a Director of Hongkong Shanghai Manjala Power Limited (HSMPL). The power company has agreement with GOB to implement offshore LNG Terminal project. Simultaneously, Mr. Zafar is working with various foreign JV partners for the LNG business and for future energy infrastructure business in Bangladesh. Mr. Zafar, is an energetic and promising entrepreneur and apart from his numerous business interests in Bangladesh and abroad, Mr. Zafar is compassionate about social responsibility and contributes to philanthropic services for the underprivileged women and children and has affiliation with a number of social groups. He has visited a good number of countries across the globe for business purpose. He is a donor trustee of Begum Zebunnessa and Kazi Mahabubullah Jono Kallayan Trust.

Currently he is associated with the following organizations:

*Director, Hong Kong Shanghai Manjala Textiles Limited (HSMTL)
*Director, Hongkong Shanghai Manjala Power Limited (HSMPL)