Online Customer Service Feedback Survey

  1. Survey Scope: At present Nine (09) services are shortlisted for the survey, which are-
    1. Cash deposit service,
    2. Cash withdrawal service,
    3. Account/FDR Open,
    4. Cheque book issuance service,
    5. Pay order issuance service,
    6. RTGS service,
    7. EFT service,
    8. A/c closing service,
    9. Debit Card issuance
  2. Eligibility for survey:
    1. Your midland account must have a registered e-mail address for receiving survey feedback form through e-mail only.
  3. Survey frequency and mode:
  4. -Weekly once.
    -Randomly any day of a week will be selected for survey.
    -You will receive "customer service feedback survey" related e-mail from us.
    -Three winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd) will be selected by a lottery at the quarter end.
  5. Reward: Lottery will be held at the end of quarter through consolidation of 12 weeks feedbacks given by all customers. The most attractive prizes of the lottery are-
    1. 1st prize - Smart TV
    2. 2nd prize - Fridge
    3. 3rd prize - Micro-oven
  6. Reward Eligibility:
    1. Survey feedback must be given within 72 hours.
    2. Same individual can win maximum one (01) reward in a quarter.
  7. Lottery Result: Survey result will be published quarterly through e-mail and MDB website.